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Past Issues

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Indicators of Quality Education in School Education System
Dr. Debabrata Bhattacharjee,
Post Graduate Teacher, Govt. of Tripura
A Study of Teaching Methodologies and Its Impact on Student Learners Knowledge among Post Graduate and Undergraduate Students
Dr. (Prof.) Abhishek Anand
PhD (Management), MBA (HRD), Masters in Labour Law
The Idea of Murder In Life And Literature With Specific Reference To T.S. Eliot"s "Murder In The Cathedral"
Dr. Anupam R Nagar
Principal, Gurukul Mahila Arts & Commerce College, Porbandar (Gujarat: India)
Sensory Analysis of Composite Muffins Produced Fromguinea Corn and Wheat Flour Blends
Adusei Mary*, Akua Serwah**, Charlotte Gyimah***
*Vocational and Technical department St. Louis college of Education, Ashanti **Aduman Senior High School box SE 983, Suame Kumasi, Ghana ***Department of Hospitality Management, Sunyani Technical University, Ghana
Changing pattern of livelihoods of Korku in perspective of Betul district, Madhya Pradesh
Professor Dr.Rajshree Shastri*, Archana Kujur** (research scholar)
Department of sociology & social work, Barkatullah University, Bhopal