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Export fluctuation Earnings in Sudan: Causes and Consequences) (1970-1987)
Yonas Bol deManial*, Muhammad Ali Dawood** & Abubaker Haruon***
*Upper Nile University, Faculty o Agriculture, Department of Agricultural economics. ** Alnialian University, Faculty of Arts , Department of Geography. *** Bahari University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Corp Production
Assessing beyond Politics: A Review on the Implementation of RH Law in Eastern Samar, Philippines
Ginbert Permejo Cuaton
Leyte Normal University and University of the Philippines- Open University
Strengthening of Multicultural Education in Improving Local Education
Roy Kembar Habibi* & Eni Kusdarini
*Indonesia, Pancasila and Citizenship Education, Postgraduate Program Yogyakarta State University **Indonesia, Yogyakarta State University
The Relevance of Freedom in Liberalism: Locke, Kant and Mill
Shyamalima Borgohain
Ph.D. Research Scholar, Centre for Philosophy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.
Internet Addiction In Relation To Social Adjustment among Students of Higher Secondary Schools
Bindhu Joseph,
Research Scholar, SHUATS & Prof. Dr. Marion Mathew, Head & Dean, Allahabad School of Education, SHUATS